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Frequent Asked Questions about Personal Loans

If you have questions regarding personal loans and/or bad credit personal loans, please look for your answer below.

Q) What is the maximum amount I can borrow?
A) Loans are available up to $15,000.00*.

Q) I have absolutely no credit, can I still qualify for a personal loan?
A) Of course. As long as you have a verifiable source of income and meet a few other basic requirements, you can qualify for personal loans.

Q) Can I use the loan for any purpose that I wish, or are there restrictions on this type of loan?
A) Once you are approved for a personal loan, you may use the money as you wish.

Q) Will I need a co-signer in order to be approved for personal loans?
A) Of course, each applicant is handled on an individual basis. Most of the time, a co-signer is not required, but in some cases it may be necessary.

Q) How do I get approved for my personal loan quickly?
A) First of all, you will want to apply online because your application will be transferred securely in seconds. Secondly, make sure you have filled out all the information completely and correctly. Many applications are put on hold due to inaccurate and/or incomplete information. Most importantly, make sure your contact number is correct.

Q) I just need a short term loan and would like to pay it off in less than one month. Can I do this with a personal loan?
A) You can pay off any loan earlier than the due date. If you just need a loan for less than 30 days, you might want to apply for a payday loan. It is easy to qualify for payday loans and you can still apply online here.

*For loans above $10,000.00 homeownership may be required.

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